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Should we automate intimacy?

As my birthday approaches once more, I am reminded of my post to the IEEE blog Automaton a few years ago on the automation of intimacy:

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Brown University Online Survey on the Link between Morality and Teaching-

Quick Online Survey


Do you want to find out what are your implicit beliefs about things? Majoring in Education? Interested in thinking about education and teachers and morality? Take this brief 5-10 minute Brown University learning task online and find out what you really think about education.  Go to our online survey link: …


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Brown University Online Survey

Quick Online Survey


Do you want to find out what are your implicit beliefs about things? Majoring in Education? Interested in thinking about education and teachers and morality? Take this brief 5-10 minute Brown University learning task online and find out what you really think about things.  Go to our online survey link: …


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CMEI Newsletter is coming soon

please check back here for updates

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You might enjoy my article, "Civics in the Core," in the August 7 edition of  Education Week. See here at:  D…

You might enjoy my article, "Civics in the Core," in the August 7 edition of  Education Week. See here at: 

Do you think the CCSS could or should include civics or should it be left entirely to local jurisdictions?

Would love to hear your thoughts! Web H.


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From Hidden Curricular activities in schools to Awareness: "Whole Teaching"

       “The complexity of our present trouble suggests as never before that we need to change our present concept of education. Education is not properly an industry, and its proper use is not to serve industries, either by job-training or by industry-subsidized research. It's proper use is to enable citizens to live lives that are economically, politically, socially, and culturally responsible. This cannot be done by gathering or "accessing" what we now call "information" - which is…


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Introduction - Paul Beekman from Australia

Hi,I have recently arrived here in Boston from Melbourne, Australia - courtesy of the Hugh Rogers Fellowship from the Melbourne-Boston Sister Cities Association, investigating how a deeper understanding of heritage and the sustainability of natural and built environments can assist students to become more active local and global citizens. I am looking forward to a steep learning curve, and sharing ideas and insights with you while I'm here for the next month or so.

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Four professors discuss recent worldwide protests

An article that appeared in the Israeli newspaper HA'ARETZ, reporting discussion with three Harvard faculty, Helen Haste (HGSE), Jim Sidanius (FAS) and Ryan Enos (Government) about the recent worldwide protest movements.  Translated from Hebrew by Shai Fuxman

02.12.2011 02/12/2011

מאת: אשר שכטר By Asher Schechter…


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Do teacher student relationships matter? by Hunter Gehlbach


Although I am hopeful that the talk on teacher-student relationships (Eliot Lyman, Oct. 6, 12 to 1:45pm) will provide much more food for thought, here is an appetizer that builds off the abstract of the talk:


As the educational world increasingly focuses on measuring teacher effectiveness, concern grows that "effective teachers" are defined narrowly as those who raise student test scores.  Through this talk we will explore the possibility that teachers' capacities to…


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Politics, Economics and Citizenship Education: Teaching Marxist Political Economy in China

July 22


It's absolutely impossible to talk about Chinese citizenship education without mentioning Marxist ideology.


Though in the last three decades, Chinese citizenship education de-politicized its citizenship education curricula in junior sections (Primary, junior middle schools), Marxist philosophy, political economy, and theory of socialism still made up the core contents of citizenship education in senior sections (senior middle school, university,…


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Two Thoughts About Equality and Adequacy in Education

Hello CMEI participants.  I am looking forward to joining you next week to discuss the paper I've sent in advance.  And I've been asked to stimulate an early discussion here on the blog.  So...


Here are two thoughts about equality and adequacy in education. 


1. One fundamental distinction between equality and adequacy as applied to educational resource distribution is that adequacy seeks to ensure that all students have enough education and, if this condition…


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Teaching history: what for? Learning history: what history?

In this era of globalization, the concept of the nation still plays a key role when we talk about the teaching of history. The nation is not only central in the formal teaching of history, but is also embedded in day-to-day life, in the way Michael Billig refers to as banal nationalism. We can observe this phenomenon by just having a look at historical films and novels, or national history museums. This relationship between nation and history has been a very productive one since the…


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The project of citizenship competencies in Colombia

How can an education policy for a country help in overcoming a violent conflict? That was the question a decade ago when we were designing educational policy at the Colombian Ministry of Education. Colombia is a country that had to face a historical and generalized conflict involving both guerrillas and narco-trafficking. With its security policy, the government has been successful in recovering control of most of the territory that had been under the control of unofficial forces. But we in…


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Civic Education in Times of Political Repression

In his book, Indoctrination U, David Horowitz describes what he believes is a widespread crisis in American colleges and universities: professors who use their classrooms as forums for partisan politics and violate their students' academic freedom by trying to inculcate them with one-sided political views.  From his vantage point, whole fields of inquiry, such as Ethnic Studies, Peace Studies, and Gender Studies, are guilty of indoctrinating their students because they are based in…


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Enrollment in the Chicago Public Schools International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and Eleventh Grade Students' Civic Engagement

In 2010, there is a strong case to be made that U.S. schools do not sufficiently prioritize… Continue

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Costs of Occupation to the Occupying Society

Due to the negative nature of an occupation – especially a prolonged occupation, and in particular when the occupying society settles in the occupied areas – it generally elicits violence, oppression, exploitation, domination and discrimination. The negative effects on the occupying society thus override the positive ones. I go even further in suggesting…


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The ugly side of racism

We seem to be facing a new wave of racial animosity in our country right now, from the Florida preacher who threatened to burn a Koran unless the Manhattan Islamic center was moved, to Arizona’s new immigration law legalizing racial profiling; from Glenn Beck high-jacking Dr. King’s march anniversary on the Mall in DC with an overwhelmingly white Tea Party crowd, to the New York gubernatorial candidate who won the Republican nomination after sending monkey pictures and tribal dance emails… Continue

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“We need a revolution, really, in education” – Youth Civic Education in Palestine

Some exciting work is being done by young people in Palestine, which deserves attention alongside the larger news pieces of Israeli-Palestinian talks. In a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, Christa Case Bryant describes a civic education program in which Palestinian teenagers are studying law and policy, uncovering corruption, and holding… Continue

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What can normative theory and empirical practice learn from one another?

I recently posted on the Announcements page an invitation for Cambridge-area CMEI members to join me in a new project on "Justice in Schools" that intentionally creates a two-way street between normative theory (i.e., principles about what the right/moral/ethical thing is to do) and empirical practice (i.e. what actually happens in the world). As I explain there, I think that educators would be helped by… Continue

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Learning on the Farm, by Steve Jordan, EdM '10

For eleven years I taught at Mundelein High School in Mundelein, Illinois, a suburb far enough from Chicago to be close to some farmland. One year a former student called me to talk about an organic farm she had started that was about 10 minutes away. I sought out some of the more environmentally-minded students was currently teaching, reserved the school van, and then headed out with seven teenagers on a beautiful, warm spring afternoon.

When we got to the farm, we were given a quick… Continue

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