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The Civic and Moral Education Initiative

The HGSE Civic and Moral Education Initiative (CMEI) was launched in 2008 in order to foster a visible and thriving intellectual community around the themes of civic and moral education among students and faculty at HGSE; support doctoral student and faculty research; and enhance Harvard's contribution to a lively and vibrant area of contemporary international research, policy, and practice. It is collaboratively led by an interested group of HGSE faculty with the support of Dean Kathleen McCartney.

The work of CMEI includes a series of colloquia, featuring exciting new research and practice in the field of civic education, and a series of presentations from advanced HGSE doctoral students on their related research. We also have a student-group that puts on its own events, including a film series. On our Ning network, which connects practitioners and scholars across the country, features a blog, forums, and lots of great information.

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Helen Haste
Robert Selman
Meira Levinson

Faculty Working Group
Howard Gardner
Helen Haste
Veronica Boix Mansilla
Jal Mehta
David Perkins
Mica Pollock
Fernando Reimers
Julie Reuben
Steven Seidel
Felisa Tibbitts
Richard Weissbourd

Julia Higdon

Student Seminar Series Organizer
Andrew Conning

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